Ah, Spring – the time when flowers bloom, birds chirp, and “For Sale” signs pop up on lawns everywhere! It’s a prime opportunity to list your home, but it’s also a fiercely competitive season. So, how can sellers make their homes stand out in the bustling spring market? We reached out to RE/MAX affiliates across Canada for their top tips.

Spruce Up the Exterior:

  • Start by pressure washing the driveway, sweeping the front walkway, and clearing away winter debris like twigs and branches.
  • Clean windows, frames, exterior doors, and trim. Touch up with paint where needed. Ensure roof gutters and siding are clean and well-maintained.
  • Keep extra cars parked away from the property and store spring toys and bikes out of sight.
  • Enhance landscaping with flowering plants and shrubs. Tidy flower beds and maintain the lawn. Remember to clean up after pets regularly.
  • While enhancing curb appeal, avoid overdoing it with plants and flowers, as some buyers may be deterred by high-maintenance yards.

Refresh the Interior:

  • Declutter the interior, ensuring a tidy space. Clean light fixtures, appliances, and windows. Don’t forget to clean around and under large appliances.
  • Sweep the garage floor and lubricate squeaky doors and windows.
  • Consider adding small touches like a new welcome mat, fresh bedding, and pleasantly scented candles. A bouquet of fresh flowers can enhance the ambiance.
  • Once the house is clean, invest in professional photography to showcase each room effectively. Quality photos can significantly enhance your listing’s appeal.

Price it Right:

  • With the spring market attracting numerous sellers, pricing your home appropriately is crucial. A too-high price could deter potential buyers.
  • Work closely with a knowledgeable REALTOR® who can consider various factors to help you set a competitive yet fair price.
  • Consider listing your home slightly earlier than the typical spring rush to reduce competition and attract serious buyers sooner.

By following these tips, sellers can increase their chances of standing out in the busy spring real estate market and attracting the right buyers to their properties.