When selling a home, depersonalizing it should be part of the staging process. You most likely have a lot of sentimental items in the house that are dear to you. Or you probably made some changes to your home to make it more to your liking. And it’s all good except when you are trying to sell that house in the competitive Canadian real estate market. When it comes to decorating, you and your potential buyers may not have the same preferences. As a result, you should make the house look neutral so that buyers can imagine themselves living there with more ease. But if this is your first house, it might be hard to know how to depersonalize your home before selling. So we came up with some suggestions to assist you in this procedure. Read on to find out what they are.

Start depersonalizing with a declutter 

When staging a home for sale, try to see it through the eyes of a buyer. And what do buyers hate to see in their future homes? Clutter, mess, and unfinished projects. Therefore, begin depersonalizing your home with a thorough declutter. Start from the main living areas and be as objective as you can. It will not only help you stage the house, but it will also come in handy when it’s time to move out. Instead of moving useless items from one place to another, you can get rid of them on time. And the more objects you get rid of, the simpler it will be to depersonalize your home. Keep just what you know will be helpful in the house and will look good. What you still need but doesn’t look good, you can send to your new place or deposit temporarily in rented storage space.

Depersonalize the walls 

The color you choose to paint your walls is very personal and taste-specific. Not to mention that some colors can evoke strong emotions. So, if your walls are brightly colored, such as red, orange, or purple, you should consider covering them up. Some buyers may consider repainting to be too much work, and as a result, they may pass on your property. So instead of losing the chance of a good sale, it’s better to take your brush and repaint in more appealing colors. Most home stagers will recommend white as a first option. It is not too bright, it makes the place look clean, and it’s easy to match with anything. If you are not a big fan of white, you can choose ivory, beige, nude, or cream. They do the job of making homebuyers fall in love with your home just as well. 

Paint Roller White On Wall

One of the first steps in home staging and depersonalizing your home before selling is to repaint the walls.

Make the kitchen look neutral

The kitchen is where all the magic happens in a home. It is where you cook meals, dine together, and organize your day. Therefore, your homebuyers should be able to imagine themselves in your kitchen doing the same things. But not if your kitchen has outdated wallpaper or appliances, or if your cabinets are old-style patterned. As a result, change that old wallpaper and repaint the fronts of the cabinets. It may require a small investment as well as a bit of work, but it will all be worthwhile. As for the appliances, you need to make a choice. First, if you want to sell the house as move-in ready, you should upgrade them. Second, if there is no need for them in the kitchen, you can remove them. In the end, just make sure that when you depersonalize your home before selling, you make your kitchen look neutral.

Remove family photos, portraits, collections, or trophies 

House buyers are distracted by family photos. It often makes it hard for them to envision the house as theirs. Not to mention that they will be looking at your personal photos, which can make you feel uncomfortable. And the same applies to portraits, certificates, or other similar personal items you might have on display. As a result, if you don’t want your family to be analyzed, remove such items from your house. You can pack them safely using some techniques that really work and relocate them to your new place or store them. Therefore, stock up on packing materials and start wrapping. First, use bubbly wraps, soft textiles, or newspapers to keep the frames and glass safe. Then, secure them with packing or scotch tape and label them if necessary. Last, place them in cardboard boxes or storage plastic boxes, and you can transfer them to safety.

Photos on Board

Your family photos are personal, and buyers shouldn’t see them.

Depersonalize the bathroom 

Our bathrooms are generally full of personal items. Toothbrushes, makeup, and bathrobes are just a few examples. Hygiene products, medicine, and cleaning supplies are also better kept away from home buyers’ eyes. And don’t rely on keeping them hidden in cabinets. Homebuyers are curious, and they will look everywhere. So it is better to take every personal item out of the way. After that, you may leave only a few objects in the bathroom that may be useful during a house viewing. For instance, some white hand towels and soap. And if you want to make the place feel a bit warmer, you can decorate it with some candles. After depersonalizing it, just keep the bathroom clean and disinfected, and everything will be great.

Clean up after your pets

When you depersonalize your home before selling, you should take your pets out of the house. Even if you love pets, buyers might not. Furthermore, during house viewings, your pets can be accidentally let out. With all of the bustle around the sale, looking for a lost pet is the last thing you need. However, just taking your pets out of the house is not enough. You have to also clean up after them and make their presence there unnoticeable. Remove the water and food bowls, beds, and litter box. Also, clean the hair off the furniture or cover it with a blanket. Buyers often wish to sit, and it would be unpleasant if their clothes got filled with hair. In addition to cleaning the hair, you should also get rid of pet odors. Use room odorizers, scented candles, or aromatherapy and vent the rooms as often as possible.

Cat Sitting On Table

As much as you might love your pets, buyers might not like seeing them in the house.

Final words

Whenever you have to depersonalize your home before selling, don’t forget about the advice in our article. Start with a declutter, repaint the walls, and remove personal items from all the rooms. And if you have pets, get rid of their hair and unpleasant odors. In the end, a depersonalizing process mixed with the renovations that pay off will make your home sale a success. 

Written by: Emma Jones