You’ve just moved in with your significant other and couldn’t be more excited; however your new home isn’t exactly boasting the ideal look and feel you were hoping for. Decorating your new home can be a lot of fun. There’s no shortage of inspiration out there, and you likely already have an idea of the overall theme/look you’re going for, what pictures to hang and where, and which accent pillows you want to use. But if you’re moving in with a partner or roommate, it’s not just your opinion that counts.

So, now what? You could try the ol’ “Well… you can decorate this room yourself (the one that’s hidden in the back corner of the basement, which nobody ever sees) if I can decorate the rest of the house,” but that isn’t always going to cut it. Some people want to share their opinion and incorporate their own interests into the space. For example they may want to hang some, errr, “unique” art; display a collection; or showcase a hobby. In the interest of a happy home, learn what the word compromise really means.

5 tips on how to compromise when decorating a new home:

1) Ensure everyone feels included and is involved in the decorating process.

2) Share ideas and inspiration before buying new items.

3) Engage in open and honest communication about what you like and dislike. Make a list of common preferences, so you can refer to it when finalizing decisions.

4) Be open to new ideas. Explore new styles together. After all, you may find one that you both like.

5) Make an effort to display both personalities throughout the home in different rooms.

By working together and following these tips, the two of you should end up with a beautiful looking home that you’re both happy with and a space to call your very own.