Doesn’t it sound weird to refer to your dog or a cat as ”pets”? They are more like your child, your constant companion, the closest friend, and, naturally, the hairiest family member. In fact, they are omnipresent. Reports suggest that approximately 80 million American households include a pet. Considering their widespread presence in American homes, it’s only logical that these furry creatures would play a significant role in the home-buying process. Furthermore, studies indicate that most families that own a pet consider their needs when purchasing a property. That’s precisely why, if you are trying to sell, maximizing your home’s appeal to pet lovers is an absolute must!

How to Go About Maximizing Your Home’s Appeal to Pet Lovers

Pets are irreplaceable—they are family, after all. As a result, many homeowners and sellers are seeking ways to integrate per-friendly features into their properties. By providing amenities that cater to our four-legged friends, we not only make their lives easier but also enhance our own organization and overall home management. Additionally, as pet-friendly living has grown in popularity in recent years, property sellers are eager to appeal to those that love pets in any way, shape, or form. Why? Well, because let’s face it, pets rule the roost. If you are unsure of how to go about this, there’s no need to worry. The following features and practices should be considered for incorporation. Or, if they are already present, we encourage you to highlight them.

#1 The Extensive Yard

Dogs and cats, similarly to kids, cannot go without running and playing. They need ample room to do so, which is why an ideal home for pet owners includes a large backyard space. Of course, a stunning and spacious yard is always a good idea, even if you aren’t targeting those with furry friends. However, if you are, it’s crucial to ensure that your backyard is attractive and provides a place to run, play fetch, and rest on the soft, well-maintained lawn. This is guaranteed to catch the attention of a pet owner!

Pets require room to roam around. Maximizing your home’s appeal to pet lovers includes paying attention to the outdoor area.

While having the opportunity to play is great, the property must also provide a secure outside environment for the pet. That said, some of the crucial pet-friendly enhancements to consider for the outdoor space are:

  • Fences
  • Enclosed patios
  • Enclosed play zones
  • Ramps

By investing in a home with a secured outdoor area, potential buyers can rest easy knowing that their pet is safe from running away or causing trouble. Furthermore, with a designated play zone, they will have a backyard that caters to both them and their furry friend.

#2 Carpeting Is a No-No

Much like parents of young children can have problems with carpeting, so can pet owners. It may not be the best choice for cleaning up after a muddy park visit or dealing with occasional, let’s say, ”accidents.” To appeal to pet lovers, you’d be better off installing tile or wood flooring throughout the house. After all, this might just be what motivates a particular pet parent to transition into homeownership.

#3 Incorporate Storage and Gate Systems

Storage is a significant aspect of any home, and people are always looking for ways to optimize it. Although fur babies have a lot of love to offer, they also have many things. Food, beds, toys, etc., can take up space, so having a designated area for these items within a house makes absolute sense. Maximizing your home’s appeal to pet lovers means incorporating hidden storage spaces for food and treats or drawers and cabinets that blend in with the home’s design. Of course, this can only be done if the current layout allows for adjustments. If not, you can always take it to the Internet for storage hacks to prevent future homeowners’ pet belongings from occupying space and creating clutter.

In addition, pet owners are commonly concerned about their pets wandering into areas where they shouldn’t be. A solution may be to install swing gates at entryways. They will prevent pets from accessing specific areas of the house when, for example, their owners are away, thus preventing potential issues.

#4 Install Pet Door

Installing a pet door in your home is relatively easy. Yet, prospective buyers will be thrilled to know that their fur baby can enter and exit the house independently. Thanks to it, they may even envision themselves residing within the property with their furry companion, leading to a sale.

#5 Eliminate Clutter

Pet lovers understand that pets can be messy. However, that’s not an excuse for keeping the property unorganized. A tidy home goes a long way and is sure to impress potential buyers. With that in mind, you must make cleaning and decluttering a part of your spring-cleaning routine, but also a pre-sale routine. We encourage you to prepare a cleaning checklist, as that way, you’ll be able to keep track of the whole process.

Although pets are associated with the mess, that’s not an excuse to skimp on cleaning the premises.

#6 Make Room for a Bathing Station

Getting a pet to stay still during a bath can be quite a challenge, not to mention the mess they can create during the process! If only there were a designated area for bathing. One that can turn the whole process from one to dread to one to enjoy. Well, there can be! With an increasing demand for pet-friendly home features, many sellers are including pet showers in the bathroom area to attract those who love pets. Of course, if you are not entirely keen on installing a pet shower station, an open-concept design for the shower area is still on the table. Regardless of which of the two you opt for, the result will be the same. Pet owners won’t have to navigate around the bathroom or a door, making managing their fur ball’s bathtime routine easier.

No pet owner likes bathing their fur baby. To make matters a bit easier, try turning a part of the bathroom into a shower station.

#7 Leave a Present

After doing everything humanly possible – maximizing your home’s appeal to pet lovers wise – here’s a fun suggestion. Why not leave a welcome home gift for the new owners? Experts at The McKillop Team recommend including a list of pet shops in the area along with an assortment of pet toys. This will help make the new folks feel straight at home from the beginning and provide hours of fun for their hairy companions. And wouldn’t you agree there isn’t anything better than making such innocent, loving creatures happy?

Written by: Emma Jones