It’s challenging to describe a home without photos; however, many sellers skimp on photo quality. Low-resolution or unclear images might hurt your home sale. Most people looking for a new home today start their search on the internet. They will immediately begin looking for pictures of your new home. High-quality images of your property are what entice prospective buyers to view it. To get your home sold faster online, you must highlight its best aesthetic aspects. That is why high-quality photographs may help you sell your home. They may make all the difference in selling your home quickly and for more money. Get your home camera ready by following these suggested staging tweaks before listing it for sale.

The Internet has become the first stop for the vast majority of homebuyers

Studies report that 93% of homebuyers conduct their initial search online and that those who do are more likely to view listings with photos. Listings with professional photographs receive 61% more views when posted online. Professional images attract more buyers’ attention since buyers want to see what they’re buying, especially if it’s a big-ticket item like a property. That is especially true when regular people take charge of their property searches.

In the past, buyers relied on agents to find them exciting properties. Buyers are starting their searches on the internet at an increasing rate. Today’s buyers are more likely to research online, utilizing sites like Redfin,, and Zillow, and then communicate their interest in a property to their broker.

There will be some new challenges for vendors and brokers due to this shift. An agent might be able to see past missing or poor photos. However, what about the consumer? The real estate gallery is their first stop. Choosing “The Placeholder” over professional photos is one of the worst decisions a seller or agent can make when selling a home.

You’ve probably encountered The Placeholder on your internet real estate searches. When no other photos of a home are available, this one can “stand in.” Otherwise, if selling your home quickly is your priority, avoid the placeholder at all costs. A potential buyer may wonder why there are no images. To ask, “What’s the issue?” Modern consumers are impatient and won’t wait to find out why there are no pictures.

First impressions are crucial when selling a property.

Buyers are more likely to go through with a sale if they have good photos of the property

Buyers seldom base their decision to purchase a home simply on online photos, for better or worse. Many consumers will look at the pictures to decide whether to proceed with the transaction. Why waste your time seeing a home if you’re just lukewarm?

The best way to move potential customers from the “consideration phase” (e.g., in front of their computers) to the “showing phase” is through professional photographs. To attract potential buyers, you must market your home to stimulate their interest. 

Why you should avoid taking photos with your phone

These days, a person who does not own a smartphone is as rare as a needle in a haystack. These devices come equipped with a camera. Smartphone cameras have significantly improved over the years but still can’t compete with the professional results you’d get with a high-end DSLR, proper lighting, and home staging knowledge. When selling your home quickly, a common mistake is rushing to photograph the house yourself. Hiring a professional photographer to document your property sale has several benefits. Grassy and low-quality photos, as well as blurry and fuzzy shots, are often a result of photographing with your phone.

Reasons to hire a professional photographer

Hiring a photographer is a cheap investment

Many homeowners might be hesitant to hire a photographer due to the potential cost. After all, you would expect expert help to cost a pretty penny. Many skilled photographers provide their services at rates well within reasonable ranges. Behind-the-scenes work like cropping, colorizing, retouching, and other picture editing is typically included in the standard photography session price range of $95. All sellers should seriously consider investing in a professional photographer, thanks to the many advantages they provide and the high return on investment they deliver. All sellers should also make sure to clear out the clutter when moving out. Decluttering before the move is essential for ensuring a smooth and convenient transaction.

Hiring a photographer is a significant and cheap investment.

Home sales benefit from the use of professional photography

Having more potential buyers check out the house thanks to the attractive photos posted online might result in a speedier sale. In truth, advertisements, including professional photography of a property, have been shown to generate up to 32% more showings than those with amateur photography. That might be a game-changer, especially if the market isn’t as hot as the seller had hoped. A house on the market for too long is something no one wants, and a professional photographer can assist with that.

The time investment in a professional is minimal

Sellers have a thousand and one other things that need their attention and memory as they prepare to put their homes on the market. Hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of their home rather than doing it themselves is a great way to check that task off their list.

No one should expect to be successful at their first attempt at photography. Sellers, even with a manual, cannot produce photographs of the same quality as those created by a trained expert who studied photography in depth. The best way to acquire high-quality photos for a real estate listing quickly and affordably is to hire a professional photographer.

Professional photographers don’t take much time to complete their tasks.

In conclusion

With professional images, selling your home quickly is more likely. Pictures of your property that a professional photographer has taken can intrigue buyers, showcase the most significant aspects of your home, lend your home an air of professionalism, and differentiate it from comparable listings. Hiring a professional photographer to take images of your home will help you sell it more quickly.

Written by: Emma Jones